July 25, 2016

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Battle of Norridgewock

Father Rale's War began on July 25, 1722 and lasted 3 1/2 years. Also known as the Three Years War, Lovewell's War, Greylock's War, Governor Drummer's War, the 4th Anglo-Abenaki War and the Wabanaki-New Englland War of 1722-1725, it consisted of a series of battles between the Wabanaki Confederacy and New England. The war was essentially a border disbute between British New Englanders on the one side and Acadia, a region of colonial New France and her Native-American allies, on the other. The Wabanaki Confederacy was led by Father Sebastien Rale, Chief Gray Lock and Chief Paugus. Father Rales was defeated and executed by the British at the Battle of Norridgewock in 1724 (pictured above), one of several notable battles during the war. (Source Wikipedia, Father Rale's War)

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