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600% Renewable Energy Powered

CO2 Offset Year-To-Date:

Maine.Info Web Hosting

The most eco-friendly web hosting company you've never heard of.

An EPA Top Green Power Partner for nearly a decade, our renewable energy purchases are over 6 times our usage, more than double the percentage of any other EPA-certified web hosting company.

Our IBM datacenter servers, plus our business offices, are over 600% powered by renewable energy. We offset more than 15.5 tons of CO2 every year.

600% means we purchase more than enough renewable energy for ours and another 5 similarly sized companies while providing a substantial revenue stream for additional renewable energy projects.


Starting cost is $20/month. We discount 25% to non-profits. Yes we cost a bit more than others, but we think the environment and our unparalleled infrastructure is worth it, as is promoting small businesses. We are a small business certified government contractor.

Dedicated Speed

Our IBM/Softlayer dedicated servers are secured and isolated by CloudLinux. The servers are fast and energy efficient with RAID1 SSD drives, 1 gigabit per second up/downlinks (typical is 10 or 100 megabit), 20 terabytes of server-wide bandwidth and vanishingly low 1, 5, 15 minute server load averages on quad-core processors. See the current server load average on our Kingfield server:

Cloud Computing with Google for Work and Office 365

For your email, documents & more, we use enterprise-grade services from Google for Work or Office 365. For non-profits, we use Google Apps for Non-Profits which means free, i.e., $0, enterprise-grade email, documents & more.

Redundancy & Recovery

With DNS clustering, Maine.Info mirrors all DNS data from our RAID 1 dedicated web servers at IBM/Softlayer in Washington, D.C. to our Linode DNS servers in Atlanta. This means that your Google for Work or Office 365 email, calendars and documents will continue to function even if the IBM datacenter goes offline.

For recovery we use both mirrored RAID SSD drives and Network Attached Storage for daily, weekly & dual monthly backups. We also offer EMC/Spanning cloud-to-cloud backups for email & document recovery.

Sites We Host That Support Our Renewable Energy Purchases

Portland Trails
Presumpscot Regional Land Trust
Boothby's Orchard & Farm
Marine Mammals of Maine
FB Environmental
Rochester Institute of Technology
University of Maine

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Email to get started. We want to host your website. At the same time we are a community and we don't host just anyone, so you won't find any "Purchase Now" buttons here. Instead, just send us an email to apply.

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