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Premier Green Web Hosting from Maine.Info

Maine.Info's wind powered sustainable web hosting servers and offices are 100% Green and carbon neutral. We are listed in the EPA's Top Partner Rankings, which "highlight the annual green power purchases of leading organizations within the United States and across individual industry sectors." We also donate carbon neutral web hosting to sustainability, preservation and nature preservation organizations such as Marine Mammals of Maine. So if the environment is important, you should be using Maine.Info. See our Green Hosting Initiative. To get started email or phone (207) 200-3770.

Cloud Computing with Google Apps and Office 365 from Maine.Info

Get Enterprise-Ready Professional Email, Docs, Calendaring & more with Google Apps for Business and Office 365. To get started email or phone (207) 200-3770.

Google Apps for Non-Profits

Google Apps for Non-Profits offers all the benefits of Google Apps for Business, but a no cost to your 501(c)(3). It also offers access to a grant program for free AdWords campaigns. Maine.Info has helped many non-profits successfully proceed through the Google Apps for Non-Profit application process. Let us help your non-profit too.

Uninterruptible Email

Using DNS clustering, Maine.Info mirrors all DNS data from our RAID 1 dedicated web servers at IBM/Softlayer in Washington, D.C. to our Linode DNS servers in Atlanta. This means that your Google Apps or Office 365 email, calendars and documents will continue to function even if your website, all our dedicated web servers, the entire Washington, D.C. datacenter or even the nationwide IBM/Softlayer network goes offline.

Network Attached Storage

Maine.Info's RAID 1 SSD dedicated webhosting servers are attached to Network Attached Storage in the same datacenter for daily, weekly and monthly backups. If your data is important, please ask about this critical service.

Vanishingly Low Server Load Average

Our servers run with minimal load and low 1, 5, 15 minute Server Load Averages.

Domain Name Registration

Maine.Info provides domain name registration & management services. Most domain names are $15/year. Existing clients can monitor their domains through our Domain Name Control Panel. Has your business ever lost its domain name? It often happens when the person set to receive the domain renewal email has departed and for many other reasons. The registrars don't care and your domain name will be inactivated and deleted per their unforgiving, robotic schedule (they even charge large sums for domain re-activitations, when it is not too late to do so). When that happens, no one can access your website, you may lose functionality of your email and you may be forced to re-brand with a new domain name, losing all of the links to your old, expired domain name. We have seen this very thing happen time and time again to those who don't host with us or who declined to move their domain name to us. Maine.Info hosts websites and client domain names. We get notice of all upcoming renewals and pay if the client has forgotten. This is just one of the many things we do for clients. The result: No web hosting client of Maine.Info who hosts their domain name with us has ever lost their domain name. So host with and keep your online presence and email going without worry.


See our Web Hosting Recommendations.

Cloud to Cloud Backups

For those of our clients using Google Apps or Office 365, we recommend and offer add Spanning Cloud-to-Cloud backups. Retain all incoming & outbound user emails to infinity. Retain all documents. This critical cloud-to-cloud backup solution allows for quick recovery from compromised (hacked) user accounts.

Cost Schedule

Please refer to our Cost Schedule for various server configurations.

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