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Maine Website Hosting and Design

Premier Green Web Hosting from Maine.Info

Maine.Info's web hosting servers at our IBM/Softlayer datacenter, plus our business offices, are 100% green and carbon neutral. We are listed in the EPA's Top Partner Rankings, which "highlight the annual green power purchases of leading organizations within the United States and across individual industry sectors." We also donate carbon neutral web hosting to environmental protection organizations such as Marine Mammals of Maine. See our Green Hosting Initiative.


Typical cost is $20/month. We discount 25% to non-profits and often to Maine festivals, so typical cost to these is $15/month.


Our servers are rigged for speed with RAID1 SSD flash drives (way faster then disk drives while using less energy), 1 gigabit per second uplink/downlink speed (typical is 100 megabit), 20 terabytes of server-wide bandwidth per month and vanishingly low 1, 5, 15 minute server load averages (because we never overload a server).

Cloud Computing with Google Apps and Office 365 from Maine.Info

For your email, documents & more, we use enterprise-grade services from Google Apps for Business or Office 365. For non-profits, we use Google Apps for Non-Profits which means free, i.e., $0, enterprise-grade email, documents & more.

Redundancy & Recovery

Using DNS clustering, Maine.Info mirrors all DNS data from our RAID 1 dedicated web servers at IBM/Softlayer in Washington, D.C. to our Linode DNS servers in Atlanta. This means that your Google Apps or Office 365 email, calendars and documents will continue to function even if your website, all our dedicated web servers, the entire Washington, D.C. datacenter or even the nationwide IBM/Softlayer network goes offline. For recovery we use both RAID1 (mirrored SSD flash drives) and Network Attached Storage for daily, weekly & monthly backups. We also offer cloud-to-cloud backups for email & document recovery.

Domain Name Registration & Protection

To protect your business, Maine.Info provides domain name registration paid in advance by us, and then billed later to you (typically $15). In other words, your domain name will be renewed even if you forget to pay or your credit card expired.


See our Web Hosting Recommendations.

Get Started!

To get started email or phone (207) 200-3770.

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