Sightseeing - Puffins in Maine

Puffin Info

Atlantic Puffins inhabit rocky islands in the North Atlantic, from Maine to points north and across the North Atlantic to Brittany. Atlantic Puffins strut about in breeding colonies, circling their islands with rapid wingbeats, diving up to 200 feet underwater to capture small fish, or simply bobbing around in nearby waters. With their black-and-white "tuxedo," upright posture, comical behavior, and large, multicolored bill, this smallest of puffins, called the "clown of the sea," universally delights birders and tourists alike. See National Audubon Society.

Extended Puffin Tours

Wanderbird Cruises

PO Box 272
Belfast, ME 04915
Phone: (207) 338-3088

Description: Wanderbird Cruises runs over a dozen tours of the Maine coast each year. These tours include a 6 day cruise along the dramatic rocky coastline of Maine in late May to early June, when the outlying islands are home to hundreds, even thousands of breeding seabirds that can be difficult to see the rest of the year. This cruise combines great opportunities to photograph the landscapes, seascapes, wildflowers and pelagic birds, including the photogenic Atlantic Puffin. Mixed with opportunities to explore local fishing communities and secluded coves full of hidden treasures, this trip offers something for everyone with birding, photography, beach combing and lighthouses.

Puffin Day Trips : Downeast-Acadia
(Bar Harbor, Deer Isle, Eastport, Lubec, Machias, Milbridge, Southwest Harbor)

Robertson Sea Tours

Milbridge, ME 04658
Phone: (207) 461-7439

Description: Bird watchers may enjoy a cruise to Petit Manan Island, a national wildlife refuge and home to Petit Manan Lighthouse. For more than a century Petit Manan light has ensured the safe travel for passing vessels. The lighthouse now provides a safe sanctuary for hundreds of seabirds including our favorite Atlantic Puffin during the months of June through August. Other birds that can be seen on the island are Common, Arctic, and endangered Roseate terns; Razorbills; Black guillemots; Common eiders; Leach's storm petrel; and of course Laughing, Herring, & Black back gulls.

Puffin Day Trips : Mid-Coast

Waiting for listings.

Puffin Day Trips : Southern Maine Coast
(Biddeford, Kennebunkport, Kittery, Ogunquit, Old Orchard Beach, Saco, Wells, York)

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