April 30, 2017

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Exhibit: To Sail Beyond the Sunset: The Influence of the Odyssey - UMF Mantor Library

116 South Street
Farmington, Maine 04938
Phone: (207) 778-7210


Mar 15 thru Jun 15, 2017. The Shiretown Bookers are proud to announce their Spring exhibition, "To Sail Beyond the Sunset: The Influence of the Odyssey," on display at the Bookers' gallery area in UMF's Mantor Library at 116 South Street in Farmington. The Odyssey of Homer, taken together with the Iliad, constitutes the oldest surviving work of Western Literature. The story of Odysseus's homeward wanderings has stirred the adventurous imagination for nearly 3000 years and has served as inspiration for many of our great poems, tales, novels, and movies. Ulysses, by James Joyce, which follows the plot of the Odyssey through a day in Dublin in 1904, is widely acclaimed as the greatest novel of the twentieth century. Odysseus has wandered into other works as well. He appears in Dante, in Shakespeare, in Katzanzakis, in Robert Graves and Zachery Mason, and in the post-modern works of John Barth. Penelope has figured in a literature of her own, inspiring strong feminist work by Atwood, Leclerc, and La Spina. The exhibit is on display from Mar. 15 through June 15. Event #18764   Map + Directions   |   Report Update   |   Submit An Event   |   Shop Amazon

Authors Sandy Moore & Kimberless Bennett: Paddling Southern Maine - Letterpress Books

91 Auburn Street
Portland, Maine 04103
Phone: (207) 747-4232


Apr 29, 2017. Come meet & greet Maine authors Sandy Moore and Kimberlee Bennett. Their guidebook, Paddling Southern Maine: Day Trips for Recreational Kayakers, Canoers, and SUPers, has calm routes that everyone can have fun on, whatever your skill or fitness level, from lakes & wildlife-filled wetlands, to lazy streams and protected bays. Written by long-time Maine paddlers, the book focuses on the best waterways within a day's drive of Portland. Event from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Event #19169 |   Report Update   |   Submit An Event   |   Shop Amazon

Author Harry Haskell: The Wright Sister - Owls Head Transportation Museum

117 Museum Street
Owls Head, Maine
Phone: (207) 594-4418


Apr 29, 2017. Katharine Wright was not only the sister to her famous brothers, Orville and Wilbur, she embodied the worldly, independent, and self-fulfilled New Woman of the early twentieth century. Harry Haskell previews his new novel Maiden Flight, the true-life story of the "Wright sister," Katharine, who left her world-famous brother Orville to marry the man she loved, the author's grandfather and namesake. Drawing on intimate family letters, this engrossing book crosses the boundaries of fact and fiction to shed new light on an exceptional woman's struggle for independence and fulfillment. In allowing Katharine to step outside of Wilbur and Orville's shadow, Haskell sheds new light on the central role she played in their private lives, as well as on her often misunderstood contribution to their scientific work. Above all, Maiden Flight celebrates Katharine's abundant store of what she called "human nature," her lively and perceptive outlook on life, her great capacity for both love and indignation, and her acute and sometimes crippling self-awareness. A former acquiring editor for Yale University Press and classical music critic for the Kansas City Star, Harry Haskell is the grandson of the Star's Pulitzer Prize-winning editor, Henry J. (Harry) Haskell. He is the author of three previous books, including Boss-Busters and Sin Hounds: Kansas City and Its Star and The Early Music Revival: A History. Event is at the Owls Head Transportation Museum at 1 p.m. Event #18562 |   Report Update   |   Submit An Event   |   Shop Amazon