August 23, 2017

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Maine Department of Agriculture Resources
The Maine Department of Agriculture offers superb on-line search engines.  There are search engines for Maine Farm Stands and Farm Stores, Apple Orchards, Christmas Trees, Farmers Markets, Maple Syrup Farms, Pick-Your-Own farms and more. Search for Blueberries and other fruits, Dairy, Eggs, Fiber Products, Fruit, Grains, Greenhouses, Honey, Jams, Livestock, Meats, Nursery, Poultry, Processed Foods, Seeds, Soap, Vegetables, Wild Foods and more.  For example, a search for "berries" and "York County" reveals 10 berry stands (with directions and  phone numbers).  Note that when using these search engines, you need not limit your search by checking boxes, for if no limitation is given they will simply report on everything in the category.  However, with so many farms, it helps to focus in on a specific county or town.

Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association
The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), formed in 1971, is the oldest and largest state organization in the country.  The MOFGA website has a search engine to help you find Maine organic farms by county or by produce item.  But MOFGA is much more than that.  It provides technical assistance to individuals interested in organic farming and gardening; strives to increase local food production in support of rural communities; and teaches consumers about the connections among healthful food and environmentally sound farming practices.  Volunteer leadership, the dedication and idealism of the organization's members, and a grassroots approach to carrying out education and change underlie the success of MOFGA's programs: Agricultural Services including technical farming and gardening assistance, and marketing advice; Certification Services; Common Ground Country Fair; Educational Programs including events, workshops, conferences and new farmer training; Membership and Development; and operational activities at the 250+ acre Common Ground Education Center in the town of Unity.  A volunteer-driven organization, MOFGA has countless opportunities for volunteer participation year-round.

Farmer's Markets (Monthly List) and Farmer's Markets (Map)
Check out our monthly lists and map of Farmer's Markets in Maine. Both tools are great for finding a farmer's market near you.

Maine Agricultural Fairs
The Maine Department of Agriculture comes through again with a complete online listing of upcoming fairs throughout the state.  Contact numbers and brief descriptions of the events included in each "state fair" or "county fair" are provided.  See our Map of Fairs & Festivals. Simply scroll down the right-hand side of the page to find, map and get directions to the Maine Fair or Festival of interest to you.