June 28, 2017

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Maine Hosting - Email Marketing & More

Constant Contact Basic Email

Your customers know & trust you. How to remind them to think of you? It's easy. Reach out to them with regularly scheduled newsletters about things they should know (e.g., it is spring planting season) and how you can help (e.g., you have just the right seedlings for them).

Constant Contact Email Plus

Email : Just as noted above with basic email.

Events : Your orchard has an upcoming wine-tasting event. How to manage it? Easy. Use Constant Contact's EventSpot. Create an event landing page, add it to your website, manage how many can attend, accept registrations, accept payments, check on the status of registrations and payments, send event reminders, run the event, send a thank you note afterwards.

Surveys : You are considering adding stout, porter and lager beers to your line of ales. Would your customers be interested? How to know? Send a Constant Contact Survey to your contact list and quickly find what you need to know.

Donations : It's that time of year for your non-profit's fund-raising drive. Enhance it with Constant Contact Donations.

Social Network Integration : Add contacts from your Facebook page and auto-post your marketing emails to it. This and more with Constant Contact, plus our website design team will make sure that your website is plugged-in too!

All of the above and more are features of Constant Contact. So email or call (207) 200-3770 or just go direct to Constant Contact and get started now!