July 23, 2017

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Maine Towns

There is a wealth of information, both for locals & tourists, to be found on the websites of Maine's cities & towns. Local "Downtown" sites generally are geared to visitors and activities, as are some private town-specific sites. So dig in deep by selecting the town of your choice from the drop-down box above and peruse whatever info you can find.

Maine Counties

There are 16 counties in Maine as seen on a map prepared by the State of Maine. As with cities & towns, county websites, and particularly their regional chambers of commerce, are filled with information about the areas they encompass.

Androscoggin County, (official), Lewiston Auburn (chamber of commerce), Androscoggin (
Aroostook County (official), Aroostook (
Cumberland County (official), Cumberland (
Franklin County (economic development corporation), Franklin (
Hancock County (official), Hancock (
Kennebec County (official), Kennebec (
Knox County (official), Knox (
Lincoln County (official), Lincoln (
Oxford County (official), Oxford (
Penobscot County (official), Penobscot County (
Piscataquis County (official), Piscataquis County (economic development council), Piscataquis (
Sagadahoc County (official), Sagadahoc County (
Somerset County (official), Somerset (
Waldo County (official), Waldo (
Washington County (official), Washington (economic development), Washington (
York County (official), York (