August 19, 2017

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Travel Resources - Official Maine Tourism Regions

Maine is divided into eight tourism regions: (1) Aroostook (the Crown of Maine), (2) the Maine Highlands, (3) Downeast Acadia (Bar Harbor and Acadia National Forest area), (4) Mid-Coast (Boothbay and Rockland area), (5) Greater Portland and Casco Bay, (6) the Southern Maine Coast (Kennebunkport, Ogunquit, York and Wells), (7) Maine Lakes and Mountains (western Maine) and (8) the Kennebec River Valley area.

The official website for each Maine tourism region is pictured below. They are placed in an approximation of their actual geographic location within the borders of the State of Maine. If you will look for these logos when visiting various other websites in Maine, you can get a quick feel for precisely what region of Maine you are looking at. As here, and when on any site that includes these logos, simply click on them to go to the regional Maine tourism site of your choice: