August 19, 2017

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Travel Resources - Outdoor Activities

Coastal Beaches

Enjoy a day on the Maine Coast. With an extensive seacoast, there are quite a few types and sizes of beaches in Maine, some with full amenities and some very isolated.

Biking & Events & Event Map

There are biking trails everywhere in Maine. Check this section for biking tour routes, info and events.

Birding & Events & Event Map

The birding options in Maine are almost limitless. Find some options here and also in the Parks section, particularly within the Wildlife Refuges that are listed there, such as Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.


Hiking options and activities. Also, in Maine, the word "park" is almost synonymous with "hiking trails." Be sure to review the parks & wilderness areas listed in the Parks section above to find your pefect excursion.


Info about golf courses & golfing events in Maine.

Hunting & Fishing

Find hunting & fishing rules & regulations. For more info about the types of wildlife & fish species to be found in various parts of Maine, please look to the Parks section.


Info about kayaking in Maine. Also be sure to review the Parks section, for the lakes, rivers & streams within many Maine parks serve as kayak & canoe routes.


There are over 3,400 lakes in Maine. We have listed many grouped by region such as those in the Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Rangeley Lakes, Belgrade Lakes and Bridgton Lakes. For detailed info about many lakes in Maine, also be sure to read the Parks section.

Nature Events & Event Map

Nature events in Maine by month and mapped statewide.

Parks & Wildlife Refuges

Whether you favor Acadia National Park, Baxter State Park or one of scores of other Maine parks, it is not difficult to find a place in Maine to commune with nature. Use this section to find information about Maine parks and their many recreational activities. Favor a swim or sunbathing? With so many parks, and so many lakes in Maine, it is not difficult to arrange a lazy lakeside day.


From puffins to fall foliage, the images of Maine are priceless. Review the work of photographers who have captured these images. Ask us, and we may add your own photos.


Info about whitewater rafting in Maine. Rapids classifications and info on the major whitewater rivers in Maine, such as the Dead River.

Running Events & Event Map

Running events in Maine by month and mapped statewide.


Sightseeing options in Maine are almost limitless, many ideas already are listed on this page. But there a few more in the Sightseeing section.


Tours are generally longer-term excursions, such as cruises and fall foliage trips.

Whale Watching

One of the most popular activites for those coming to Maine is whale watching.

Windjammer Cruises

Learn about the Maine windjammer fleet and make arrangements to sail on one.

Winter Sports & Events & Event Map

Ski areas, snowmobiling, sled dog races, ice fishing, events and more.