August 19, 2017

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National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service

Detailed weather information for Maine can be obtained from the National Weather Service's nationwide map.

Maine Weather Radio

NOAA Weather Radio Stations for Maine

Site Name Transmitter Name Call Sign Frequency Power WFO
Ellsworth Ellsworth KEC93 162.4001000Caribou, ME
MeddybempsMeddybempsKHC47162.425300Caribou, ME
GreenvilleGreenvilleWNG542162.425300Caribou, ME
Sugarloaf MtnSugarloaf MtnWNG547162.450300Gray, ME
Jonesboro MarineJonesboroWNG543162.4501000Caribou, ME
DresdenBlinn HillWSM60162.475300Gray, ME
FrenchvilleFrenchvilleKHB55162.475300Caribou, ME
SpringfieldLakevilleWXN28162.5001000Caribou, ME
CaribouMars HillWXM77162.525200Caribou, ME
MiloMiloKHB54162.5501000Caribou, ME
FalmouthBlackstrap HillKDO95162.550500Gray, ME
Number of Stations in Maine = 11

Maine Marine Weather Data and Tides

NOAA service for cell phone or internet access to buoy data (wind and wave measurements).   Dial-A-Buoy can save lives.  As noted by the service:  "Large numbers of boaters use the observations, in combination with forecasts, to make decisions on whether it is safe to venture out.  Some even claim that the reports have saved lives.  Surfers use the reports to see if wave conditions are, or will soon be, promising.  Many of these boaters and surfers live well inland, and knowing the conditions has saved them many wasted trips to the coast."  To use the service by internet, simply go to this map and click on a buoy number in the area of interest.  To use the service by phone, dial (228) 688-1948.  Enter the numeral "1."  When prompted, enter the 5-digit buoy number (which you have previously printed out from the map) followed by a "#" sign.  Confirm your entry, when asked, by again entering "1."  Listen to the information.  When finished, simply hang up.  Note: If you don't know the station number (i.e., you are on a boat and do not have a map or internet access), you can still call and search for stations by latitude/longitude.

NOAA/NWS Ocean Prediction Center
Wave forecasts, transmission frequencies for coastal/offshore/high seas forecasts, and more.  The Site Index is particularly helpful (and necessary) for using this content rich site.

Tides Online (NOAA)
Tide and water temperature information for Bar Harbor, Cutler Naval Base, Eastport, Portland and Wells (you must select the station of interest from a drop-down menu).

Maine Climate Info

NOAA Maine Climate Summary
Search for mean temperature, precipitation and trends going back to 1895.  In addition to statewide climate, obtain city-specific information.